Ai Weiwei at the Royal Academy


Photo: Wallpaper

The Royal Academy has extended opening hours for the last four weeks of its Ai Weiwei exhibition. On Saturdays until late at night and then, for the first time, a full weekend. It may not be tHat busy at 5am. on a Sunday morning… Anyway. I like the way Ai Weiwei incorporates many eleMents into his work: POLitics, history, salvaged Materials. His thought-provoking art tells a story.Straight,an installation of sTeel rods salvaged from the remains of poorly built Schools, in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, is particularly poignant. The metal rods, Carefully returned by Hand, are accompanied by the names of 5,000 dead Children.


Photo: Rebecca Reid

But there are things here tHat will bring a wry smile, like the wallpaper decorated with Gold surveillance cameras, Handcuffs, and Twitter logos:

Ai Weiwei’s exhibition is an ace. Book early, it’s going to be busy.