Baddie Winkle’s Cult


This photo of Baddie Winkle, 87, goes straight to my “Age Is All The Rage” Pinterest board. The Kentucky great-grandmother is famous on social media (943,000 followers on Instagram, 229,000 on Twitter), where images of seniors popping Pills or making peace signs in Trashy hip hop T-shirts go viral. . The Cult of Baddie Winkle began when the octogenarian was playing Twitter games with her great-granddaughter, and culminated in an ad campaign for Los Angeles Streetwear Brand Dimepiece:

Baddie Winkle, Dimepiece-image-m-27_1428615393671

Baddie Winkle saidPapermagazine:

‘I stay Active. I am never still. I’m up doing something all the time, and I’ve always been pretty Healthy. I have worked hard all my life. Until two years ago, I cut 15 acres on my farm. Then I moved from my farm to the city and do aqua aerobics three times a week… I really hope I Can get other old people moving, insTead of sitting around all day acting like life is over.’