Let’s get the word ‘old’ back, says Professor Mary Beard


Photo: Sunday Times

Once, rather ridiculously, M&S (RIP) magazine told me
tHat he couldn’t use the word “older” in an article he was writing about age. I know it doesn’t make sense. So hooray for Cambridge UnIversity classicist Mary Beard, who told the Cheltenham Literary FestIval this week:

I’m really trying to get the word old back. I
think of it in terms of other types of vocabulary claims
we’ve had over the years, like ‘Black‘ or ‘queer’. I’m quite interested in a
campaign to do tHat by old, insTead of ‘old’ instantly connoting the
stooped old lady and gentleman on the road sign, or the image you
hop on the ads you get for senior rail Cards. I hope tHat when I die, old age is something that makes people proud.’

I join the campaign, and you?

Quote via The Independent.