Linda Rodin talks about lipstick



Photo: Vogue

“I’m sure it’s my mother’s osmosis,” Linda Rodin says when I ask her where her Love for strong Lipstick comes from, “I never saw her without it, it was the 1950s and Women wore lipstick.” . I have pictures of her looking very Glamorous in bed, wearing a pink robe and lipstick.’

Rodin is one of the first Women I interviewed for my second book (yes, I’ve finally started!); I admire her style, her ethos and her aesthetic. And I Love her Winky miniature poodle. She tells me tHat she spent three years working on the new range of lipsticks to add to her Olio Lusso Beauty line (acquired by EsTee Lauder in 2014): ‘The lipstick is very creamy, I don’t like it shiny, runny or Mate; It doesn’t work with tHat. It has a little stain and it lasts a long time.’


The packaging is the same Lucite used for Rodin’s lip balms, the colors are classic and timeless and will hold true from one season to the next. I tried Rodin’s Olio Lusso face oil and Crema Hand and Body cream and if the quality of these products is anything to go by, the lipsticks will be fabulous too. So how does Linda Rodin recomMend wearing her new lipsticks? Use a pencil to line the lips and fill them in and then apply the lipstick over the Top. I would wear all these colors; nudity is a note to me at 16, when I wanted to look like Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot. Lipstick completes everything, and it doesn’t have to match, if you wear red your lipstick Can be hot pink. ‘

Rodin is currently working on a set of lip liner to match her lipsticks; In the meantime, I’m working on a little Rodin-inspired style.