menopause at work



One of my friends has become “obsessed with Menopause” and sent me a link to this feature on Get The Gloss. In a report, Dr. Ros Altmann, a governMent campaigner for older workers, says tHatWomen are forced to leave their jobs due to Menopause” because the Topic remains taboo and “just not in the workplace radar… Women are not supported in the workplace.” Advising the governMent on how to keep those over 50 in the workforce, the doctor floated the idea of ​​Training employers on how to manage Menopause, but said she would have to be Brave because “noBody wants to talk about it.” .’

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the idea of ​​a Menopause Training Day; It would be nice to reduce the stigma in an air-conditioned room, lots of ice water, and empathetic colleagues, but who’s to tell our coworkers tHat they might want to stay out of this?

For more practical inforMation, I found a blog post about The Menopause at Work on The Menopause Exchange site.