One to Watch This Week: The Personal Story of David Copperfield


Tilda Swinton looks like something straight out of a Tim Walker photograph, inby Armando Iannucci. The personal story of David Copperfield. With her trademark quirk turned up as high as her nose (when pressed against the window in her first screen appearance), she accessorizes her Victorian Dress with an oversized straw Hat and neatly knotted sCarf around her neck and lIves in a free zone. of donkeys. , near Dover. Bright, fresh and entertaining, this is a good movie to watch this week. The latest adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel is beautifully crafted and boasts an excellent cast: Dev Patel plays David Copperfield, Tilda Swinton as his aunt Betsey Trotwood, and Hugh Laurie is hilarious as his cousin Mr. Dick. The kite flying scenes and the special bond between David and Mr. Dick are touching and wonderful (I won’t say more). Peter Capaldi plays Mr Micawber, Rosalind Aleazar plays Agnes, not to Mention Gwendoline Christie and Anna Maxwell Martin, and Ben Whishaw is the creepy Uriah Heep. T-shirt.’

The personal story of David Copperfieldit’s a deLight


Hugh Laurie, Dev Patel and Tilda Swinton