What a beauty editor keeps when Marie Kondo carries her makeup bag


Vicci Bentley Photo: Annie Johnston

There’s nothing like moving house to start a serious dumping campaign. WHat starts with the knick-knacks (do you really need tHat 18th-century Heater in your central-heated life?) soon infiltrates your wardrobe (10 pairs of almost identical Black Pants? Really?) and then sneaks into your cosmetics Collection. .

Two moves in three quick months may have nearly kilLED me, but they’ve also proven to be brutally effectIve therapy in the hoarding departMent. As a self-confessed Makeup addict, I hid everything tHat intrigued me: a curious color here, a useful gadget there. Oozing in drawers and Boxes was a hideous Collection of dried masCara, smelly old smears of Lipstick and cream compacts as wrinkLED and cracked as puddles in a drought. In the name of sanity (not to Mention sanitation) was I thinking? And since I had forgotten half of wHat I had accumulated, how could I enrich my life? As for my “work” Makeup Bag, duplicates and triplicates of nearly identical items made closure impossible. Clearly, a sacrifice was at stake.

So I established ground rules. Keep only the most cherished items, even if they are half-used. And stay flexible. And wHat if they discontinue your favorite Lipstick? Cosmetic technology is moving fast, so there is bound to be a replaceMent that probably works even better. Never stock again.

What I’m left with is a Capsule Collection of functional slaps, from ranges endorsed by makeup artists who know older faces well. Ariane Poole’s UltiMate Face Tint, £29, is oil-free but hydrating, and won’t highLight pores or wrinkles. Eyeshine in Crystal Taupe, £18.50, Washes lids with color and smoothes wrinkles. If I’m feeling fancy, I apply Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Mystic Graphite, £17 next to my lashes (both by Ariane Poole). The stalwarts I won’t sacrifice are the £25 Lancôme Hypnose MasCara (check, but make sure you get the original formula that grooms lashes without doing that spidery thing); and Laura Mercier Brow Pencil in Brunette, £20.50 (the only one firm enough to draw hair-fine strokes on bald spots in a shade that doesn’t look strangely brown against White hair). To look aniMated, it has to beNars blushes in orgasm, £25 POLished on the cheekbones with a huge, soft complexion brush that plausibly smudges it.

Lipsticks are always the sticking point: one is never enough. I had whittled mine down to three until Kevin Aucoin’s new Collection of unforgettable lipsticks, featuring natural shades of matte, cream, and shimmer, hit my desk last week. I am currently making Modern Love pouts, a creamy nude lip stain that you Can apply with your eyes closed. If I need to focus, Aucoin’s Crease-Free Lip Definer in DIvine, £18 will gIve me shape.

But hey, I lIve in the country now and life is too short for all that Insta-ready nonsense. Besides, I’m too old to be pissed off. Whisper – no, shout it out! –I’m happy to face reality these days. It seems that now that I have my Marie Kondo makeup Bag (and Can actually close it), I’ve eased up on some dealing inhibitions. That’s what I call a satisfactory dump.

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Photos submitted by the TNMA Dream Team: Reportage written by: Vicci Bentley. Photographer: Annie Johnston. Makeup: Sara Raeburn. Hair: Enzo Volpe.

Clothes and jewelry, from Vicci. Jumper is from COS. Earrings, Toolally.

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