What does my age have to do with this?

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Pictured: Sarah Jane Adams, Gray Models

Stripped to the waist in a Cardiology chair, the last thing I expected to hear, as the Male tech placed sensors around my breasts for an ECG, was: “You look very good for your age,” writes Elaine Kingett. My brother, when I was complaining yet again about my dating disasters, said, “Well, at least you’re lucky, you don’t look your age.” I’m sure both comMents were compliMents, but both made me want to yell, ‘WHat does my age have to do with this?’

The assumption is tHat we all want to look younger, not Healthier, fitter, or more elegant, and if we do, our lIves will be happier. I think it was the anti-aging gin news tHat got me excited about the desperate quest for youth. Then there was cognac with anti-aging benefits, but tHat‘s only available in London at a restaurant where you dine in the dark. Cutting dinner is bad enough without Glasses, let alone with the Lights out.

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Fascinated by this age debate, I recently did a street POLl, aSking people how old they were and if they had ever lied about their age. My mother has never told me how old she is and it seems there is still some reluctance to share. “Mom told me never to ask a lady how old she is,” said a boy, “I’m not lying, I’m economical with the truth, I’m from California,” said another. A woman cupped his Hand and whispered in my ear, ‘I think you’re just like me.’ One guy opened up: ‘I lied on my dating profile, said I was fIve years younger and then he bought a Birthday Card for the wrong number and I had to admit it.’

I know it’s confusing, people in their 30s still lIving with their mom and dad, more couples dIvorcing [and getting STDs] in their 60s than ever before. The old presumptions of age-appropriate Dress and behavior have been dashed. Thanks god. As a service to all of you, I recently went to an anti-aging fair in Olympia and among the booths advertising miracle injections, Lotions and creams was one for Revidox, a Spanish vitamin supplement made from the skin of Grapes. So it’s like wine, right? I came Home with a package and a smile, and one of the guys I asked on the street said, “You have a lot of fine lines, so you must have a happy life.” That is what Matters to me.

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